Brown did the interview to promote his upcoming memoir, "Every Little Step I Take," named after his 1989 hit song.

Nick Gordon seen in Florida after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of abusing Bobbi Kristina: — EntertainmentTonight (@etnow) June 25, 2015 An explosive $40 million lawsuit filed by the estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown accuses her boyfriend Nick Gordon of dragging her upstairs by her hair, stealing money, and knocking out her teeth before […]


Bobbi Kristina‘s family has taken the next step towards moving on. Aunt Pat Houston released a statement revealing Whitney Houston’s only child has been moved into hospice care. “Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has continued to deteriorate,” Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Pat Houston told E! News in a statement today. “As of today, she […]


Legendary singer Prince was spreading peace in Baltimore this past weekend. Yesterday, he held his “Rally 4 Peace” concert in the city and the day before that, he released a song that was inspired by Freddie Gray and the unrest that took place in Maryland. The song, which was dubbed “Baltimore,” used the Freddie Gray […]


Despite Bobby Brown’s weekend announcement that his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was awake following a months-long hospitalization, Brown’s grandmother said the 22-year-old has “irreversible brain damage.” Refuting Bobby’s claim Monday, the mother of the late Whitney Houston said Houston’s only daughter remains unresponsive, USA Today reports. “I have just returned from visiting my granddaughter Bobbi Kristina in the hospital and […]


In an exclusive interview with New York’s WBLS, the mother of Whitney Houston, Cissy, finally broke her silence on Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition, saying there’s “not a great deal of hope” for recovery. Houston, 81, spoke further about her granddaughter’s condition, saying it hasn’t changed much since she was found facedown and unresponsive in the […]

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Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown may be moved form Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to a rehabilitation facility in the area, two sources close to Bobbi Kristina’s family told Entertainment Tonight. There has not been much news on Bobbi Kristina, who has been hospitalized since being found unconscious […]

  Updated: Sunday, February 8, 2015, 11:25 a.m., EST – Whether reports that Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s relatives are already bickering about her homegoing turn out to be true, one thing seems to be, according to her father Bobby Brown and her grandmother, Cissy Houston, are steering clear of each other as they both visit the […]

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Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston and R&B performer Bobby Brown, has grown up before America’s eyes since her birth in 1993, as you can see in these photos from her life.


The very public rift between the mother, Cissy Houston, and daughter, Bobbi Kristina, of the late Whitney Houston, has been the subject of much speculation on social media, fueled, in large part, by statements from Cissy Houston and Bobbi Kristina themselves. Now, the heartbroken grandmother has penned an open letter to her wayward granddaughter — […]

For decades, as the world watched Whitney Houston crash and burn, reduced to a fraction of her former stardom because of her debilitating addiction to crack cocaine, many fans placed the blame squarely at the feet of her ex-husband Bobby Brown. But in a revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, Whitney’s older brother, Michael Houston, admits that he […]

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Cissy Houston says in her first interview since daughter Whitney’s death that she’s “very proud” of her and did the best she could raising her. SEE ALSO: Did Bobby Brown Arrest “Vindicate” Houston Fam? NBC Black Voices Reflect On Trayvon Houston talked to My9 on Thursday night for an interview set […]