Dr. Cornel West once again called Rev. Al. Sharpton a “house negro,” and accused him and President Barack Obama of “sanitizing” the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the 50th anniversary of the March of Washington, reports Mediaite.com. “Brother Martin himself, I think, would’ve been turning over in his grave,” West said of the […]

CHICAGO — Rev. Al Sharpton and Cornel West will continue their heated debate on President Barack Obama and the Black community this Saturday in Chicago at the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s annual conference. Sharpton and West previously got into a spirited argument over Barack Obama in April on the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC. BlackAmericaWeb […]

This past Sunday, MSNBC hosted a panel titled “The Black Agenda” which received more press for the heated debate between Rev. Al Sharpton and Cornel West than for its focus on the issues affecting African Americans. TheRoot’s David Swerdick recently wrote a piece agreeing with Rev. Al Sharpton’s stance that we can’t blame President Obama […]

New York — Rev. Al Sharpton appeared on the Ed Schultz show last night on MSNBC a day after appearing on a panel in which he was in a heated discussion with Princeton Professor Cornel West over President Obama’s lack of a “Black Agenda.” Last night Sharpton spoke about the debate with West and what […]

I just returned from the Measuring the Movement forum hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton in New York City. The forum was insightful and empowering as it pertains to getting members of African American leadership to see the value of accountability.  NAACP President Ben Jealous gave time to the forum, and even President Barack Obama came […]