Dream Act

Black civil rights leaders are urging Congress to act immediately in passing the bipartisan DREAM Act in the wake of President Trump’s decision to rescind the DACA program.

CALIFORNIA — California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday that will allow college students who entered the United States illegally to receive limited financial aid. The bill, known as the California Dream Act, is the first of two bills. The second bill would allow undocumented students to be eligible for public scholarships — a […]

America’s top science achievers are mostly the children of immigrants, according to a study released Tuesday.

Dream Act supporters are asking President Obama to stop using the act in his campaign and fundraising messages unless he is prepared to flex his executive muscles to suspend the deportation of DREAM Act-eligible students. Although the president has continually pledge his support, United We DREAM, a group of  young immigration advocates, gathered outside Obama’s […]

Many undocumented young men and women who are attending schools in the United States are hoping that the DREAM Act will pass after President Obama brought the conversation back to the forefront in a speech. This law would allow children who have lived in the country since they were children for five continuous years, have […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says it may be his “biggest disappointment” — the failure to get Congress to pass the DREAM Act. It would offer a path to legal status for young illegal immigrants. Obama says these children grow up like other kids in America, only to find themselves under a “shadow of fear” […]

Washington– Five Democrats join the GOP in blocking a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants. A last-ditch Democratic effort to establish a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants failed in the Senate on Saturday, likely derailing any attempt at sweeping immigration reform in Congress for the foreseeable future.

WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation Wednesday to give hundreds of thousands of foreign-born youngsters brought to the country illegally a shot at legal status, a fleeting victory for an effort that appears doomed in the Senate.

Pro-immigration groups, which had hoped that the sympathetic stories of young people trapped by their parents’ decision to come to the United States might be the driver of an immigration overhaul, have rallied behind the measure, even as their hopes for comprehensive reform have crumbled.