Race Matters

BYU's internal investigation of itself conveniently found no "evidence" a white fan accused of "racial heckling" called a Duke volleyball player the N-word.

Race Matters

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe spoke out about a racist fan calling Duke's Black volleyball players the N-word, but he didn't call it "racist."

Good News

Dr. Valerie Sheares Ashby will become the first woman to serve as president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Good News

For the first time in its 182-year history, Duke University has named a campus building after a trailblazing Black woman.

Good News

#BlackGirlMagic: Chicago twins were named co-valedictorians of their high school.

Good News

After losing her husband in a hit-and-run incident, journalist Kimberly Holmes Wiggins is helping others through grief.

Watch this classy moment from the Memphis rapper.

A white employee was also fired, which is perceived to be a "cover up" to not be accused of discrimination.


Dr. Samuel D. Cook, an academic trailblazer of the Civil Right era, was a president of Dillard University.

Negotiations are at a standstill between Duke University and student protesters. The university official at the center of the controversy apologized for his misconduct. The students call it a small victory, but just one step toward resolving the bigger issues.

UPDATED: Thursday, April 2 — 6:00 PM EST According to WNCN, Duke University officials have identified the student responsible for hanging a noose from a tree on campus early Wednesday. “The student will be subject to Duke’s student conduct process,” the university said. “The university continues to review the circumstances of the incident to determine if additional […]


A new study released by Duke University has found that acceptance of homosexual members in Black protestant churches has recently surged.  The percentage of churches accepting of gay and lesbian members has risen from 44% in 2006 to 62% in 2012. 22% of Black churches reported being accepting of gays in volunteer leadership roles, up from 6.5% six years prior. […]