GoFundMe has frozen nearly $200,000 raised online by Dasha Kelly, a Black woman, over suspicions she misrepresented herself as the biological mother of the three young children she lives with.

The national lawmakers who are duly elected by taxpayers have apparently decided it's more important to go on vacation than it is to work to extend the eviction moratorium, which is set to expire when August begins.

Songstress Beyoncé is providing families facing housing insecurity with $5,000 grants.

Pastor John Gray's Relentless Church has filed a counterclaim against a disgruntled former employee accused of shady business practices who sued for tens of thousands of dollars in allegedly unpaid wages.

Pastor John Gray appeared to be in damage control mode after it was reported that his church in South Carolina was facing possible eviction over an unpaid debt to his landlord. Gray was speaking out about the development.

The cop fired his service weapon, striking the girl's father in the arm. The bullet passed through him, hitting Ciara and killing her.

Study: Eviction Rates for Black Women on Par With Incarcerations for Black Men A MacArthur Foundation “How Housing Matters” study reveals that while black men face alarmingly high incarceration rates, black women are disproportionately evicted from their homes. According to the study, in any given year, approximately 16,000 adults and children are evicted in Milwaukee from approximately […]

The family of former Met pitcher Dwight “Doc” Gooden was evicted from its New Jersey home, according to The New York Daily News. SEE ALSO: California Burglars Return Stolen Items And Leave Written Apology A restraining order filed by Gooden’s wife in March forced him out of the home earlier this year. His wife and […]

Abiodun Oyewole is a founding member of The Last Poets – a group that is widely considered to have inspired the birth of modern hip hop. ALSO READ: Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For Your Health? For more than 30 years, Oyewole hosted”Open House Sundays” for poets and musicians at his Morningside Drive apartment. But […]