This Juneteenth weekend, a collective of Philadelphians is leading efforts to preserve the historic home of revered Black artist Henry Ossawa Tanner.

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion—the U.S. Army’s only all-Black women unit to serve during WWII—will be bestowed with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Naomi Musenga's life could have been saved.

Black Paris Tours traces the footsteps of Black visionaries who moved to Paris during the early 20th century.

President Macron says Africa’s problems are “civilizational,” blames African women with “seven or eight” children as part of the problem.

An online petition in France urges voters in the upcoming French presidential election to cast a ballot for Obama.

A Bastille Day celebration turned deadly Thursday after a man driving a truck carrying explosives plowed into a crowd in Nice in southern France, killing 77, and leaving carnage nearly a mile-long, reports CNN. Police shot and killed the driver, who reportedly pointed his tractor-trailer into the crowd and accelerated, mowing bodies over, witnesses said. Nobody has […]

According to officials, Salah Abdeslam, one of the individuals who helped orchestrate the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday, was reportedly located inside a building in a suburban town in Belgium.

Earlier this month, a United Nations report revealed that French soldiers were forcing young boys in the Central African Republic to perform sexual acts on them in return for money. Nearly two weeks later, the alleged abuses carried out by soldiers deployed as “peacekeepers” is taking a disturbing turn. As points out, child rape […]

Fourteen Caribbean countries have filed lawsuits against the European countries that colonized them, seeking reparations for slavery, Al-Jazeera America reports. SEE ALSO: 81-Year-Old Has A Business That’s ‘Brooming!’ Speaking Friday at the U.N.’s General Assembly, Saint Vincent and Grenadines’ Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves (pictured) told the crowd that the countries must repent for their past […]

While Africans in America were still enduring the atrocities of slavery toward the end of the 18th century, the country of France was embroiled in a revolution that would yield a most-shocking result: on this day in 1794, a decree was put forth that called for the abolishment of slavery. SEE ALSO: Happy Birthday To […]