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On December 29, 22-year-old Naomi Musenga called emergency services in the city of Strasbourg, which is in northeastern France. She was having severe stomach pain and had a three-minute call with an emergency operator. In December, the audio of the call hadn’t been released. reports after the call ended, “Eventually a relative called a doctor who came to Musenga’s house, the family lawyer said at the Thursday news conference. The doctor had her taken to a hospital.” At the hospital, she had two heart attacks and eventually died.

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This week, the audio of the emergency call has been released and it is horrific. Here is the transcript in English, courtesy of

Operator: “Yes hello?
Musenga: “Hello … Help me, ma’am.”
Operator: “Yes, what’s going on?
Musenga: “Help me.
Operator: “Well, if you do not tell me what’s going on, I will hang up.

The woman can’t fully articulate her condition and says she’s in a lot of pain. In response, the operator tells her to call a doctor.
Musenga: “I’m gonna die.
Operator: “Yes … you will die, certainly, one day, like everyone else. Call the SOS doctors.” [The operator gives her the number to SOS Médecins, France’s medical emergency service that sends doctors directly to a house.]
Musenga: “Please, help me, ma’am.
Operator: “I can’t help you, I don’t [know what’s wrong with you].”
Musenga: “I have a lot of pain, I have very bad pain.
Operator: “And where?
Musenga: “My stomach hurts a lot … and I feel terrible everywhere.”

Operator: “Yes, well, you call SOS doctors.” [The operator gives her the number again.]

The operator has been temporarily suspended, but Jean-Claude Matry, president of the workers’ union for the emergency services, said they are short-staffed and, “The operators answer calls 12 consecutive hours a day. They undergo a lot of stress and it becomes hard to distinguish serious causes from boo-boos.”

Wow. So much for caring about someone who died and just focusing on being short-staffed, which is the compliant of nearly company on  the planet.

Musenga’s family has obtained a lawyer and we hope the family gets justice. If you share this story please use the hashtag #JusticePourNaomi, which translates to “Justice for Naomi.” The hashtag has been used to organize a rally in this Wednesday.


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