"Black HIV in the South: How Did We Get Here?” is a four-part series presented by The Qube, a new streaming platform.

The announcement that a second person appeared to be cured of the AIDS virus marked a seminal breakthrough in healthcare. But perhaps nowhere was the was the announcement greeted warmer than HIV-infected Black people, who account for a disproportionate number of those diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease that breaks down your immunity system. “A […]

Trump sure has his priorities together. He is hellbent on building a racist wall, but reportedly fired all 16 members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, also known as PACHA, on Wednesday. HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects the Black community and there are some cities in the nation where the HIV/AIDS rate is as high as […]

Carlos DeAngelo Bell faces more than 1,500 years in prison if convicted.

Gina Brown told NewsOne that the GOPn's heath care policy was "the last straw."

Knowing your status increases your chances for a longer, healthier life.

Scientists in Britain develop a USB-type device that monitors HIV virus level. Tests show that it's accurate and fast.

A Kenyan woman (pictured) who claims a man raped and infected her with HIV at a party recently admitted to sleeping with more than 300 men in revenge, the Kenyan Daily Post reports. SEE ALSO: Can Breast Cancer Cause Uterine Cancer? The woman, who remains anonymous, shared her story through her Facebook page “Kenyan Scandals.” […]

Atlanta minister Craig Lamar Davis (pictured above), former pastor of Full Gospel Baptist Church, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation on Friday for knowingly exposing women in his congregation to HIV, reports My FOX Atlanta. RELATED:  [LISTEN] Victim of HIV-Positive Minister Speaks Out HIV-Positive Pastor Found Guilty Of Knowingly Exposing Woman To Disease Rumor Control: […]

Bryan Fischer will say anything to legitimize his beliefs that gay people are cooties-having hedonists destined for a life of hell. Their greatest crime? Not anal, not vaginal for vaginal relations, but daring to ask the majority at large that they treat people different from them with common decency and give them the same legal […]

James Devaney/Getty Images For eons tongues have been wagging about former NBA superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson (pictured) and how he has managed to look so healthy and have so much vigor despite being diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Now the mega-entrepreneur has finally decided to put an end to the whispers surrounding […]

The trial for Pastor Craig Lamar Davis (pictured), who was arrested back in 2012 and charged with reckless conduct for allegedly knowing he had HIV and spreading it to several of his congregants, continues in Clayton County, Ga. On Thursday, Davis was placed on the stand to testify in front of jurors, according to CBS Atlanta. SEE […]