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Trump sure has his priorities together. He is hellbent on building a racist wall, but reportedly fired all 16 members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, also known as PACHA, on Wednesday. HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects the Black community and there are some cities in the nation where the HIV/AIDS rate is as high as a third world country.

Kay Hayes, the council’s executive director, told the Huffington Post, “Current members of Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) received a letter informing them that the Administration was terminating their appointments on Dec. 27, 2017. They were also thanked for their leadership, dedication and commitment to the effort. Changing the makeup of federal advisory committee members is a common occurrence during Administration changes.” Six members of the council resigned in June, saying, “Trump doesn’t care about HIV. ”

The council, which was created in 1995, was fired with no explanation, which is especially offensive considering Trump signed an executive order in September to renew PACHA. Sadly, ending PACHA might be only the beginning. The White House reportedly proposed $800 million cut to HIV/AIDS efforts.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post


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