Navarrow Wright

Navarrow Wright — NewsOne contributor and chief technical officer of NewsOne’s parent company, InteractiveOne — has been named one of “10 Innovators To Watch” by Black Enterprise: With Black buying power set to reach $1.1 trillion dollars by 2015, the African-American market remains a hot commodity. Navarrow Wright is making strides with this demographic as […]

At this point many of you may have heard about SOPA  (Stop Online Privacy Act) and may have thought that unless you needed to use Wikipedia yesterday that you should not care. That is actually not true.  I wanted to take the time to give you a high level understanding of what SOPA is and […]

Last week, Interactive One Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright interviewed CNN television personality Soledad O’Brien about the network’s popular Black in America series that will premiere this November. The fourth edition, which will surely focus on the re-election campaign of President Obama — and the issue of Black unemployment — will also dedicate a large […]