As HuffPost reported, on Tuesday, Cotton stood his long-neck-head-a** up during a Senate hearing to use Jackson's common AF surname to draw the stupidest parallel imaginable in insinuating that she's a Nazi sympathizer based on her record as a public defender.

RaShall M. Brackney is already being accused of not holding people accountable.

The New York Times came under heavy fire for writing an article that suggested that the so-called alt-right wants their extremist views to become "normalized."

Actor Jesse Williams, activist Bree Newsome and more valued thinkers on the matter of race weigh in on the white supremacist groups of today and yesterday.

Members of the 333rd Field Army Battalion were honored posthumously by the U.S. government.

Ender Austin claims he was mid-sentence when he felt the guards grab him. Trump supporters were also heard screaming, "Light that motherf**ker on fire," as he was escorted out with several other protestors.