Baseball has lost one of its most beloved ambassadors with the passing of Hall of Fame inductee and Negro League legend Monte Irvin. Irvin, who was named Major League Baseball’s first Black executive, was 96. Born February 25, 1919 in Haleburg, Ala., Irvin and his family relocated to Orange, N.J. when he was young. While […]

Monday evening, President Barack Obama honored the historic contributions and achievements made by the Negro League. Meeting in the Blue Room of the White House, the President welcomed former baseball players, scholars, foundation representatives, and historians. SEE ALSO: Harper Lee: “To Kill A Mockingbird” Author A Victim Of Elder Abuse Around a dozen former players […]

Although the origins of Negro Leagues Baseball cover a wide expanse of teams and leagues dating back into the 1800s, many baseball historians and enthusiasts point to the inaugural season of the Negro National League in 1920 on this day as the official start of the Black Baseball’s “Golden Age.”   SEE ALSO: Obama: Time […]

Topeka, Kan. — Negro League players were more than athletes. They were activists, who, through their work on the field, challenged the popular belief at the time proving that African Americans were equal to whites on and off the field. Still, few Negro League legends received the fanfare that white players received for their accolades. […]

PONCE, Puerto Rico (AP) — Emilio Navarro swivels his hips several times, then bends down to touch his toes.