Occupy Wall Street protesters claim that New York Police Department officers violated their constitutional rights.

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Occupy Wall Street offshoot Occu-Evolve held a small counter rally in response to a pro-police one on Staten Island Saturday. Staten Island, of course, is the borough where Eric Garner died on video at the hands of police in July, and where many NYC police officers and their families live. SEE ALSO: Unemployment Still Twice As […]


The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is known around the world for its history of violence and brutality, particularly against underserved communities of color. So it is little wonder that the Twitter hashtag #myNYPD, presumably created by the NYPD to show positive images of its officers, did not go precisely as they planned it. SEE […]

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The international movement that sparked Twitter’s #99% handle demanding economic responsibility from big bankers celebrated a milestone on Monday. On September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street started at Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park with an idea that working class people should unite against a common 1 percent enemy. On Monday, the movement came together once again […]

Jay-Z (pictured) has proven himself knowledgable about many things, but apparently the Occupy Wall Street Movement leaves him flabbergasted. In a New York Times magazine profile, the rapper-turned-mogul questioned the purpose of the loosely (at best) organized group of protestors, wondering what exactly is it that they’re trying to do. The long lover of capitalism […]

We might have 99 problems, but the 1-percenters aren’t one. At least according to multi-millionaire business mogul and part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter. RELATED: Belafonte: Jay-Z, Beyonce Turned Their Backs On Social Responsibility Long lambasted for his lack of interest in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, including the questionable move to sell ‘Occupy All […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Dozens of police officers cleared the park where the Occupy movement was born six months ago and made several arrests after hundreds of protesters returned in an anniversary observance and defiantly resisted calls to clear out. SEE ALSO: Philip Ward Charged With Beheading Girlfriend Veronica Bowen, Cops Say Some demonstrators locked […]

OAKLAND, Calif. — The scene was calm but tense early Wednesday as a crowd of hundreds of protesters dwindled to just a few dozen at the site of several clashes between authorities and supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement a night earlier. Police in riot gear stood watch only a few yards away from […]

Special to NewsOne from UrbanCusp.com: As the nation and global community turns its attention to the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement, celebrity involvement has been a growing hot topic. Last week, controversy erupted over Kanye West’s presence at the protest site, Zuccotti Park in New York City, at the invitation of Russell Simmons. […]

From WCHB – The Occupy Wall Street movement has taken over the nation and now finds new legs in Detroit. Radio One Station HOT 102.7 took to the streets to find out why Michigan residents have started to protest. Click here to see the moving moments and passion the residents have for Occupy Detroit that […]