In recent years, a new cultural battleground has emerged in the U.S. called the "Woke Wars," which has pitted Americans against one another.

Nike is donating $8.9 million in grants to grassroots nonprofit organizations working to advance social justice.

A commitment to bringing King’s beloved community into fruition requires a mindset shift to transform unjust systems.

We compiled a review of social justice stories worth revisiting or reading for the first time. Catching up on what has happened in the past can help plan for how to engage in the coming year.

Award-winning journalist and Howard University professor Stacey Patton will be honored by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Deloitte US is committing $1.5 billion toward advancing social equity.

The book ‘Comrade Sisters’ visually captures the unwavering resilience of women in the Black Panther Party.

The National Park Service is awarding $16.2 million in grants to preserve historic landmarks connected to the civil rights movement.

The Chicago home where revolutionary activist Fred Hampton spent his childhood years has received landmark status.

A film about the story behind the iconic Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics is in the works.

Singer John Legend will receive The Recording Academy’s inaugural Global Impact Award for his artistry and activism.

Architect and activist Deanna Van Buren is merging her passions for design and social justice to reimagine a world without prisons.