About Anoa Changa

Anoa Changa (she/her/hers) is a southern-based movement journalist and retired federal government attorney. She currently serves as NewsOne’s weekend editor where she covers news on politics, elections, culture, and justice. Anoa transitioned from a freelance contributor for NewsOne to full-time status in 2021. She also hosts the podcast “The Way with Anoa,” which explores pop culture and politics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are some tips for getting through challenging moments.

The fact that the officers were Black doesn’t change the underlying issues of policing, brutality and white supremacy.   

NAACP Vice President of Policy and Legislative Affairs Portia Reddick White said "any attack on our fundamental human rights is an attack on our democracy."

Celebrated on the third Friday in January, International Fetish Day was created to acknowledge consensual erotic practices between adults.   

A commitment to bringing King’s beloved community into fruition requires a mindset shift to transform unjust systems.

Through its Rooted in Good initiative, Curaleaf prioritizes sharing wealth and opportunities with those disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs.

Maps drawn by Republicans were racial gerrymandering, a court ruled.

Black outlets have an important duty and commitment to Black audiences.

Thompson said that while the committee’s work was ending, there was still a long road ahead for the nation.  

The program provides each participant with $20,000, mentorship and opportunities for collaboration. 

Conversations about HIV and AIDS and its ongoing impact on Black communities and families aren’t relegated to specially designated days. 

The show parallels the real experiences and challenges facing young women coming of age.