The notorious photo of Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler smiling with a former Ku Klux Klan leader has brought attention to her ongoing affiliation with and welcomed support from white supremacists.


Online extremism and hate can lead to real-world violence by legitimizing extreme actions. Parler’s tolerance of hate and bigotry opens the possibility that one or more of its members will commit acts of violence.


Alicia Garza says she was notified by the FBI about a possible violent plot by white supremacists targeting her.

Bob Woodward's interviews with Donald Trump offer further confirmation of the president's racist feelings toward Black people and about white privilege.

Democrats are trying to spread a message of racial unity during their national convention, but Republicans are apparently planning for the polar opposite when they gather to nominate Donald Trump for re-election.


Althea Bernstein suffered serious burns on her face and neck after a group of racist white men called the Black woman driver the N-word and lit her on fire.


Funds pour in after a racist protest.


In the past decade, the language of white supremacists has crossed national borders, broadened its focus and has been influenced by current mainstream political discourse.

After the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, it was becoming increasingly apparent that white domestic terrorism has quickly ascended the ladder of most lethal threats to society.

Santino William Legan posted about book widely known in white supremacist circles.

Prosecutors laid out overwhelming evidence against suspected church arsonist Holden Matthews.


Russia sees the U.S. as a country willing to jeopardize its overall well-being to uphold whiteness.