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It appears that white supremacists are making a habit of invading events that have nothing to do with their racist ideals. In June, 31 Patriot Front members were arrested in Idaho for an alleged plot to start a riot during a Pride parade. In July, three members of another white supremacist group were arrested for disrupting a book reading event that promoted racial and cultural diversity. They also targeted Black residents in North Carolina after Enfield’s mayor live-streamed the removal of a confederate monument in a city that is 85% Black.

Now, a New Jersey mayor is having to address the concerns of his citizens after a white supremacy group attempted to infiltrate a Labor Day parade.

According to CBS News, the Labor Day parade took place in South Plainfield, New Jersey, on Monday. And on Tuesday, the South Plainfield City Council held an emergency meeting to address the group of aggrieved white men, some of whom were captured on video carrying a banner that read, “Defend American labor, close the border,” alongside others carrying the Betsy Ross flag, which is an old, pre-emancipation version of the current American flag.

The parade invaders are reportedly members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, which the Anti-Defamation League recognizes as a white supremacy group. (Not that we needed the ADL to make that assessment. The group might as well call itself the Association For Making America White Power Friendly Again.)

From CBS News:

At Tuesday night’s meeting, South Plainfield Mayor Matthew Anesh said the group was not an official participant and members tried injecting themselves along the parade route. Police were able to immediately escort them away.

“None of us condoned this group, believe in what they believe in or welcome them to this parade or the community,” he said.

The video of the incident was posted to Twitter by One People’s Project, an organization that aims to combat racist groups.

“It turns out that they tried to inject themselves in the main parade and they did not. They were stopped. And they were basically pushed maybe three or four blocks away from the main parade,” said Daryle Lamont Jenkins, with One People’s Project.

So, my question is—are white supremacists just unable to hold their own gatherings these days? Has white nationalism become paid content? Has the KKK started an Only Klans account that requires a paid subscription your average racist just can’t afford? Have Tikki torches gone up in price? Have MAGA rallies implemented a dress code that doesn’t include sleeveless plaid button-downs and cargo khakis? 

Or maybe white supremacists are just afraid that their echo chambers don’t do enough to spread the neo-Nazi word, so they feel the need to take their message to unrelated events.

“Their main intention has always been to spew hate, right, but it’s always been to be dehumanized, right? To dehumanize us for who we are collectively, as individuals,” said Kason Little, of Elizabeth, NJ’s Black Lives Matter chapter.

Of course, no members of the “Pry My Heritage From My Cold White Washcloth-less Hands” group (I’m still just pitching alternative names here) are facing any charges related to their disruption of the parade.

Whateverjust go be racist troglodytes somewhere else.


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