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New York– A Queens woman is blaming police for her 72-year-old husband’s fatal heart attack over a week ago, when she said they tried to write her a summons for not wearing a seat belt. The widow Doris Hudson claims the officers made her husband walk a half mile home to get her I.D. in the snow, causing a heart attack and death in return.

When the officers were about to write up a summons for Mrs. Hudson because she was not wearing her seat belt, she was unable to produce identification.

Hudson claims the officers wouldn’t let her husband drive to pick it up. Instead, she says they sent her elderly husband on a half mile hike back and forth on foot through the snow and cold.

Hudson said the officers didn’t wait, and finally decided her name and address on her prescriptions was enough identification.


But the walk was too much for Mr. Hudson.

When he got back, he suffered a heart attack behind the wheel of his car as he drove off.

Mrs. Hudson’s lawyer is filing a wrongful death suit against the police, but Mrs. Hudson says all she wants is justice.