The NYC councilman said cops never explained the traffic stop.

Race Matters

It showed a racial double standard, critics say.

The NYPD said it will use drones for the Labor Day weekend as the annual West Indian Day Parade is held in a move that harkens back to post-9/11 surveillance tactics.

A letter Jonathan Majors' lawyer sent to a judge reveals allegations of racism against the arresting NYPD cops for "coaching" the accuser.

Justin Volpe, the ex-NYPD cop convicted of brutally sodomizing Haitian immigrant Abner Louima with a broomstick in a police precinct, was released early from prison.

The were speeding, ran red lights and not working in an emergency capacity at the time of the fatal collision.

Jonathan Majors' swift arrest and criminal charges contrast with the slow, cautious approach the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has taken with Jordan Neely's killer, Daniel Penny. The contrast is palpable.

As fans left Drake's first-ever concert at Harlem's Apollo Theater, they were shocked to find over a dozen NYPD officers recording outside the venue. Naturally, Twitter users voiced their concerns over the controversial move, wondering if this was another example of the "Hip-Hop Police" spying on popular rap artists and their fans. 

Police Brutality

The officer was suspended after video showed him beating a 12-year-old outside of a school.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had kind words for a brutal cop caught on video.

The trio would use duct tape to tie up their victims before running off with their personal belongings, cash, and credit cards.