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While shootouts used to be only accessible in movie theaters, surveillance and cell phone cameras allow us to see the real thing: dangerous shootings without the Hollywood gloss. Here are just five infamous shootings that have been caught on camera.

5. Las Vegas, 2010. A deranged 66-year-old man, Johnny Wicks opened fire at the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse, killing a 66-year-old guard and injuring another.

Wicks was allegedly mad at a reduction in his social security payments.

4. Toledo, 2009. After a fistfight at the Route 66 Bar in Toledo, Ohio, two groups of men engaged in a shootout that was caught by surveillance cameras.

Despite the fact that more than 20 shots were fired, no one was hurt.

3. Orlando, 2011. A security guard shot a man who was attempting to rob an Internet cafe in Orlando, Florida.

Video surveillance cameras captured the incident.

Gary Bryant, was killed by a security guard in the shoot-out, and his accomplice, Shawn Richardson, was later charged with felony murder.

2. Miami Beach, 2011. Raymond Herisse was killed by police and four bystanders were injured after a chase and shoot out.

Police claim that Herrisse fired at them but no evidence of that was found. Police also tried to destroy cell phone footage of the shooting.

1. Los Angeles, 1997. After two heavily armored men robbed a bank in North Hollywood, they had a shootout with over 150 police officers.

The men injured eleven officers and seven civilians before finally being killed by police.