Police in Aurora, Colorado, killed Jor'dell Richardson, 14, in a shooting a coroner called a homicide. Bodycam footage shows Richardson telling cops, "You got me," seconds before he was shot.

It was easier to fire cops for consensual sex than it often is to fire cops for killing Black people.

Wisconsin cop Joseph Mensah has killed three people in five years and never been charged.

A fire chief in South Carolina who expressed racist sentiments via social media has been disciplined for his discriminatory comments against Black people. 

The proliferation of Black police chiefs in America has corresponded with the seemingly neverending streak of police killing unarmed Black people. Something's got to give.


This new database includes 917 fatal shootings by on-duty police officers in 2015 from over 650 different police departments.

Cops' treatment of Grady Wayne Wilkes in Alabama for reportedly killing a cop stood in contrast to police shooting and killing unarmed Pamela Turner in Baytown, Texas, one week earlier.

Taxpayers are covering the legal bill for the ex-cop who killed Alton Sterling.

A Black cop who killed a white woman uses the same defense as killer white cops.

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that dash-cam video were no longer public record.