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The NYPD trial of two detectives who opened fire on Sean Bell and his friends on that fateful night of November 25th, 2006, ended yesterday with calls for the firing of Detective Gescard Isnora from the prosecutor.

Prosecutor Nancy Slater slammed Isnora for what she called a series of overreactions after leaving a Queens strip club and following Sean Bell and two friends under the mistaken impression they were going to get a gun.

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“Detective Isnora exercised extremely poor judgment,” Slater said in her closing arguments at Isnora’s departmental trial. “While his actions were not criminal in any way, his choices and actions show he can no longer be a member of the department.”

Phil Karasyk, Isnora’s lawyer, said in court that Isnora did the right thing, following Bell and his friends because one of them, Joseph Guzman, had talked about getting a gun to settle an argument he had outside Club Kalua.

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