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1. Open Marriage Anyone?

According to Newt Gingrich‘s ex-wife, Marianne, Gingrich wanted an open marriage, so he could have both a mistress and a wife. What’s worse, once his six-year affair came to light, he reportedly asked Marianne if she would be open to sharing.

2. Christianity Is On The Decline

Due to skepticism and apathy, Christianity is said to be having a marked decline among teens and young adults, according to the Pew Center.  How younger generations perceive Christianity is reportedly far different from how their parents view the religion.

3. Added Pounds Could Cost Ya

With the international crackdown on obesity, some airlines are jumping in to the fray by taxing passengers on excessive grams of weight. Not every airline is on board, though, this controversial measure is being boycotted by Australian airline Quantas.

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