Media Justice is one of several organizations participating in a mass log out of Facebook on November 10, driving home the message that the social media giant needs to take heed of valid concerns raised over the platform’s governance. 

Check out the top three news stories shared by BlackPlanet members! 1.Who Killed M-Bone? Over the weekend, the Inglewood Police Department of California announced that they are offering $25,000 to anyone who has information on the gunman who shot Montae Talbert, aka M-Bone (pictured), of Cali-Swag District. 2. What Ever Happened To Ted Williams? Entertainment […]

Check out the top three news stories shared by BlackPlanet members! 1. Open Marriage Anyone? According to Newt Gingrich‘s ex-wife, Marianne, Gingrich wanted an open marriage, so he could have both a mistress and a wife. What’s worse, once his six-year affair came to light, he reportedly asked Marianne if she would be open to […]

Black History Month comes around every February; and every year, the media provide you countless commemorations, celebrations and presentations. But it’s your history; shouldn’t you decide how to celebrate it?

Since the inception and, we have striven to provide Black America with an engaging forum and network, to provoke thoughtful as well as positively engaging material for Black people. Due to our efforts at,, and; our sites have all recently joined an elite group who will compete for Black Web Awards.