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Walt Disney‘s first African-American princess, Tiana, from the movie “Princess And The Frog” is being used to tell “Dig’N’Dips” Watermelon dipping candy.


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While it may be a coincidence, Aurora from Disney’s movie, “Sleeping Beauty” is used to sell vanilla candy. The candies were part of a Valentines Day line of candies using Disney’s princesses as selling tool.

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“Princess And The Frog,” was initially criticized by several in the African American community because the Princess was named Maddy and worked as a maid which many felt was stereotypical. Disney responded to the criticism and change her name from Maddy to Tiana and changing her profession from maid to waitress.

There has been a long standing stereotype that African Americans have an affinity for eating watermelon that’s been used to mock Black people and Black culture.

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