Disney shares its collaboration with CreativeSoul Photography featuring reimagined diverse dolls inspired by the iconic Disney Princesses.

The fact that Disney’s portrayal of a nonwhite mermaid is controversial is due to 150 years of whitewashing.

Songstress H.E.R. will star in the animated live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Plus Day revealed all of its upcoming programming today and it is stacked with fun surprises. Our favorite Disney classic is headed back prouder and louder than ever! Fans are happy to welcome Penny Proud, LaCienega Boulevardez, Suga Mama, and the rest of the Proud family cast back. The official trailer for The Proud […]

Filmmaker Ryan Coogler has inked a production deal with Disney TV.

Actress Yara Shahidi will star as Tinker Bell in Disney’s ‘Peter Pan’ live-action adaptation.

Colin Kaepernick inked a deal with Disney to create projects focused on race and social justice.

Actor Niles Fitch has made history by becoming Disney’s first Black live-action prince.

The hashtag "NotMyAriel" was trending because as Black actress was cast as the lead in "The Little Mermaid" remake, which prompted one news outlet to call her "colored."

Disney's first Black princess looked a little too light.