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Superstar entertainer Nick Cannon has bounced back from kidney failure and lupus to launched his new web-based series “,NCredible Health Hustle,” in which he chronicles the steps he’s taken to regain his health.


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Posted on his site as “NCredible Health Hustle-Episode 1,” the four-minute clip opens up with images of Cannon in a hospital bed as he laments over how he ended up there in the first place. Shots of Cannon playing with his wife, Mariah Carey, and their twins flash across the screen as a dramatic score plays in the backdrop. A sometimes subdued, other times upbeat Cannon narrates throughout the clip.

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“Damn. How did I get here? I mean, just a few days ago I was with my family in the snow, playing, having a good time,” ponders Cannon in the clip. “All of a sudden I start swelling up, having shortness of breath, excruciating pain in my right side and I wake up in the hospital with a bunch of doctors telling me I got kidney failure.”

During the duration of the clip, a collage of images show Cannon working out, recording music and getting medical treatment. The host of “America’s Got Talent” also speaks candidly from his hospital bed about his kidney failure, his new diet and other tidbits.

Get better, Nick Cannon!


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