Mothers are the most-honored family members around the world for their selflessness and the love they give to their children. That’s why this year, NewsOne will provide a number of daily posts about Mothers until Mother’s Day. Enjoy!


Mother’s Day is almost here, a special time to celebrate that special nurturer in your life whom you hold dear.  Why not show Mom that you appreciate all of the selfless hard work she does for her family? NewsOne’s selected some affordable gifts for Mom that are culturally inspired, take a peek.

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1) African-American Art Bible Covers:  What a perfect way to protect the most-important book of all!  The cover art of these protectors are inspirational, colorful, and a great way to showcase your Bible. Prices start at $15.08;




2) Barack Obama Gifts:  If your mom is an avid supporter of the first Black president of these United States, then she’ll more than welcome an Obama keepsake she will always treasure.  Take your pick from an array of presidential Obama gifts, from tees, totes, mouse pads, blankets, you name it!  Prices start at $3.00;



3) Afro-Centric Luggage Tags: Does your mom love to travel?  If so, make sure her bags definitely stand out from the rest with these whimsical Afro-centric-inspired luggage tags.  Prices, $6.00 each;




4) Business Card Cases:  Got a Mom who means business?  These unique and artsy cases designed by various African-American artists are made of stainless steel and hold up to 15 cards.  These creations are sure to make any Mom proud to whip out her business cards.  Prices, $15.00 each;



5) Batik Wall Hangings:  Beautiful batik wall hangings originating from African countries, such as Kenya and Ghana, will brighten any room.  The riveting African images are made from cotton fabrics and are available in a wide range of colors and designs.  Prices start at $26.99;



6) Jewelry From AfricaA Gift to Africa is a company that designs, promotes, and distributes handmade unique and original jewelry from poor and rural women. Each purchase that is made supports the artisan women in various African countries, such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Ghana, Zambia, and Uganda.  The necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are stunning works of art that any Mom would be proud to wear.  Prices start at $15.00;


7) Comfort Candles:  Your mom will find solace after experiencing a hectic day with these comfort candles.  They add not only beauty and ambiance but are sure to make any home feel warm and fuzzy.  Prices start at $19.99;




8) Shona Art Sculptures:  The name Shona came to use during the colonial era and is used to represent a vast group of people who do not belong to a single ethnic origin, but many ethnicities. Although the Shona do not share a singular ethnic history, they do share similar languages. Among the Shona today are the descendants of the builders of Great Zimbabwe.  Shona sculptures demonstrate the unity between our two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. These incredible stone carvers, a people who have been at their craft for more than 2,000 years, hold firm to the belief that every stone and everything has a life spirit. It is that “life spirit” that influences what sculpture that stone will become. Many of these artists believe that it is their job to “release the spirit from the stone.”  African Import Art has all been purchased using fair trade practices to support the talented artists of Zimbabwe, Kenya, and South Africa.  In addition,  African Import Art donates a portion of its proceeds to help fund education and fight poverty in Africa. What Mom wouldn’t love a hand-crafted and unique piece of sculpture?  Prices start at $30;

9) Mom-To-Be Feel-Goods:  Expectant Moms should not be forgotten on Mother’s Day 2012, because they are in the process of creating a little one that will enter the world.  These Moms-to-be need all the pampering they can get, and Carol’s Daughter has put together a bundle  that will make them “ohhh” and”ahhh” as they slather it on.  All of the ingredients in the “I Am Expecting!” gift set are infused with such skin pleasers as peppermint, sweet almond oil, and jojoba just to name a few.  There’s an emollient product for the bump, Sexy Belly; the feet, Peppermint Foot Lotion, and for all over, Body Jelly.  Price, $35;

10)  Empowering and Decorative Bowls:  By purchasing one of these handmade paper mache bowls, inspired by the vibrant prints of the Congo, you will be contributing toward the drought and famine crisis in the Horn of Africa. In a partnership between Bundu Designs, who works with HIV-infected artisan women from Malawi and global aid agency Mercy Corps, a range of vibrant African print bowls are helping to raise awareness of the famine and drought crisis in the horn of Africa. By contributing $6 per bowl sold to the Horn of Africa disaster relief fund, the bowls are not only making a beautiful visual statement but a socially conscious one as well.  Price, $22.95;

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