Mother-daughter duo Suzzon Jiles and Trinity Humphrey will graduate from Grambling State University together.

Former first lady Michelle Obama announced the Obama Presidential Center Museum will harbor an exhibit inspired by her mother Marian Robinson.

In this moment of reproductive health, socio-economic and human rights crisis, Black women are doubling down and demanding the affirmation of our human rights.

Reflecting on my own experiences as a mother raising Black boys into men, I wrote "A Single Mom's Guide to Raising Black (Gentle)Men." I wanted to provide a resource and support for other moms.

Tiara Johnson, a Black mom from Michigan, is working to use her voice to shine a light on postpartum cardiomyopathy, a cardiovascular disease which often goes undetected in Black women.

On this Mother's Day, the influential Mothers of the Movement -- women whose children have been killed by law enforcement -- has group has grown larger.

The #FreeBlackMamas initiative is posting bail for Black mothers so they can be reunited with their families in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day is almost here. If you still need to get a gift, we got you covered.

Southerners on New Ground set out on a mission to reunite incarcerated Black women in Atlanta with their children for Mother’s Day.

Meet the courageous mothers powering the fight for racial justice.

Black Lives Matter, Color of Change and several other social change organizations are collaborating on National Mama's Bail Out Day to free more than 30 women who are jailed for low-level offenses and can't pay bail.