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Straight from our WTH files, a Detroit dollar store on Tuesday was forced to remove a figurines depicting a White cherub with armor and a sword crushing the head of a Black horned angel. Yes, you read that correctly, horns.

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It gets worse, the imagery is apparently evocative of Archangel Michael defeating Satan, according to WXYZ.  After a flood of complaints, the figurines were removed from the shelves at Super Dollar Center in Detroit’s Lincoln Park community, but not until television cameras arrived.

The manager explained that they meant to remove the figurines last week, but, well, got too busy with the holidays.

Really, forgot? Everybody knows that Black folks are some of the biggest dollar store consumers, and  they would have remembered if shoppers had decided to take their dollars elsewhere.

“It has a racial undertone and why does the baby have to be black,” Reniqa G. told WXYZ. “If they wanted to portray a message they could have been the same color–so to me it’s almost like Blacks are inferior.”

Here is the deal, most Americans believe race relations have worsened since 45 was elected as president, with his “Make America Great” dog whistle politics and policies.

But he and his supporters have to accept that the browning of America is here to stay no matter how many racist figurines crop up at dollar stores. In the meantime, people of color should watch who gets our coins, especially during the holidays.



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