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“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts (pictured) announced that she has been diagnosed with bone marrow disease, according to People magazine.

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On Monday morning, Roberts revealed that she has myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), which is a disease of the blood and bone marrow. According to Roberts, she has had the disease for awhile, and it is possible that the disease was triggered by her cancer treatment.

“As many of you know, 5 years ago I beat breast cancer.  I’ve always been a fighter, and with all of your prayers and support, a winner. Sometimes the treatment for cancer can cause other serious medical problems.”

Still, Roberts is optimistic about this latest obstacle. She says that doctors say she will beat the disease. One major ace in the hole is that her sister will donate her bone marrow to her. On the “Good Morning America” website she wrote:

“I am very fortunate to have a sister who is an excellent match, and this greatly improves my chances for a cure. …” My doctors tell me I’m going to beat this – and I know it’s true.

“If you Google MDS, you may find some scary stuff, including statistics that my doctors insist don’t apply to me. They say I’m younger and fitter than most people who confront this disease and will be cured.”

Even though Roberts reportedly starts chemotherapy treatment immediately, she intends to continue working:

“Bottom line: I’ve been living with this diagnosis for awhile and will continue to anchor GMA.  I love what I do and the people with whom I do it.  Along with my faith, family and friends, all of you at ABC News give me the motivation and energy to face this challenge.”

In September 2008, Roberts announced that she had breast cancer.  She was originally diagnosed with the early stages of the cancer in 2007. By 2011, Roberts had beaten the cancer, saying, “I gotta tell you … when you’re told you have cancer, you think life is over. My friends, it is not.”

In her experience, she credited the love friends and family gave to her as getting her through, “Somebody loved me through this and I’m going to love someone else through it. That’s what we have to do for one another.”

Watch Roberts announce MDS here:

Roberts is asking the public for their support in her new challenge, “When I faced breast cancer, your prayers and good wishes sustained me, gave me such hope and played a major role in my recovery,” she says. “In facing this new challenge, I ask humbly for more of your prayers and love – as I will keep you in my mine and update you regularly on my condition.”

We’re rooting for you, Robin!


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