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Former New York Giants running back-turned-media personality Tiki Barber exchanged “I do’s” Thursday afternoon in New York City with the woman who broke up his first marriage, Traci Lynn Johnson, reports the New York Post.  The couple got hitched just eight days after Barber’s divorce was finalized.

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Barber was first married to Ginny Cha (pictured below) for 11 years before he left her for Johnson in April 2010 while she was eight months pregnant with their twins and had two small children in tow.

The scandalous breakup made national headlines and was tabloid fodder for months.

The former NBC-TV TODAY show host reportedly became romantically involved with Johnson when she was 23 years old and working as an intern at the broadcasting station.  The much-publicized illicit affair furrowed the brows of many onlookers who didn’t take too kindly to a man who would leave his pregnant wife and children for another woman.

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Many wondered if the fallout from Barber’s affair meant the end of his career, and they weren’t entirely offbase: Starting with Barber’s “Today Show” contract, when news of the affair leaked and his renewal came up, Barber was canned due to a morality clause.  Shortly afterward, Barber attempted to come out of retirement and rejoin the NFL, but thus far, he has been passed up by 32 teams.

Watch Barber begging to be picked up by a team here:

The revelation of the Barber’s affair also crumbled a lucrative deal with Flywheel Cycling Studio, where he would be the pitchman for the exercise stationary bike company.  The owners of the firm decided that their clientele of mostly married women, who range in age from 25 to 55, would not take too kindly to Barber’s homewrecking ways.

Flywheel also sued Barber for $1 million, charging that he was rendered “worthless overnight” as the company’s spokesperson after news of his extra-marital romp with the blond ex-model broke.

Now the 37-year-old Barber, who had crafted his career around being a role model, has finally tied the knot with the former model, intern, and scantily clad Maxim pin-up girl who once boasted that guys in New York City’s Central Park hit on her because “they want to know who the 5’ 10” platinum blond is.” Johnson also went on to say that “with enough tequila in me, I’ll do anything.”

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