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Vince Young is in debt after taking out a $1.69 million loan from Pro Player Funding (PPF) that he has failed to pay back, TMZ reports.

Known as a high interest “lockout loan,”PPF offered NFL players loans when the lock out occurred and left them unable to take care of their bills.

Young was a quarterback with the Tennessee Titans at the time he took out the loan for a reported $1.876,876.88.

The loan agreement stipulates that if an NFL player misses even one payment, PPF could call in the full borrowed amount, plus interest. Young reportedly missed one payment.

The 29-year-old has agreed to pay back a loan amount that is nearly as much as his one-year $1.9 million contract with the Buffalo Bills.

As if his current financial predicament isn’t enough, Young is also accusing his former agent of stealing $5.5 million from him.

Considered to be one of the greatest college football players of his generation, now there’s talk that Young is barely surviving on the gridiron. Reportedly, Young is struggling to make his downfield reads and even worse with picking up the team’s playbook terminology. He also is having problems controlling the snap of the ball in certain formations. Rumors are flying that he might just get axed from his team.

PPF has been criticized for taking advantage of NFL players during the lockout.  Though, the company has received court ordered permission to go after Young’s debt.

Hang in there Young!

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