Vince Young

Just seven years after signing a mega-$26 million contract with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, former star quarterback Vince Young (pictured) has reportedly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to the Houston Chronicle. SEE ALSO: NC Officer Not Indicted In Shooting Death Of Unarmed Car Crash Victim Vince Young’s name was on the tip of every […]

After signing an NFL rookie contract in 2006 for a guaranteed $26 million, superstar quarterback Vince Young is crying the “I-ain’t-got-no-money blues,” blaming his former agent and financial planner — who he is suing — for his money pit situation. They, in turn, are saying that Young is intellectually diminutive when it comes to money, a real out-of-control spender, […]

Vince Young is in debt after taking out a $1.69 million loan from Pro Player Funding (PPF) that he has failed to pay back, TMZ reports. Known as a high interest “lockout loan,”PPF offered NFL players loans when the lock out occurred and left them unable to take care of their bills. Young was a quarterback […]

After the Tennessee Titans lost in overtime to the Washington Washington Football Team, Titans Quarterback, Vince Young had an altercation with coach Jeff Fischer and threw his jersey and shoulder pads into the stands. Reports say Young was upset that Fischer pulled him from the game after he suffered a thumb injury. The Tennessian reported […]