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A popular beverage that was created in partnership with the Bob Marley family and sold in some New Jersey schools has been banned after its stated effects made children feel sleepy and ill, according to Fox News.

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Marley’s Mellow Mood, which is typically found in convenience stores and gas stations, is part of a new trend of “relaxation” products.  The drink, which prominently features an image of the late reggae star on its label, was also available for sale at the William R. Satz School and Holmdel High School in Holmdel, N.J.

Chartwells School Dining Services, the company that partners with school districts to provide dining services to students, claims that the relaxation concoction was an “unauthorized purchase not approved for sale in schools managed by Chartwells.”

After ingesting the beverage, children reported spitting it up and vomiting, while others felt lethargic. The Satz School sent a letter to parents saying:

Several students went to our nurse’s office to report symptoms of nausea, headaches, light-headiness, and a feeling of lethargy.

The beverage contains valerian, which is a medicinal herb that has not been subjected to extensive testing.  Valerian is used for treating insomnia, stress, and anxiety, and there reportedly hasn’t been much research done on the potential effects it has on children.

Ironically, the beverage’s label has a warning that indicates it may cause drowsiness and is not intended for children.

The Marley family drink also contains other ingredients, such as lemon balm, hops, passion flower, and chamomile.

In a statement regarding the negative effects that the Marley drinks had on the children, Chartwells said:

We sincerely regret that this product was sold and that students had an adverse reaction to it. Chartwells takes great pride and care in partnering with our school communities to provide the best school dining experience possible and we take this situation very seriously.

 Meanwhile, Chartwells says that they have removed an on-site manager pending an investigation of the Bob Marley drink incident and will report their findings to the school district.