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A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly yanking her ex-boyfriend’s penis with evil intent, The Smoking Gun reports.

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Sharelle Wallace of Manatee, Fla., went to her ex-boyfriend’s home to pick up their daughter, but she wanted to pick up something else as well. Antonio Marquis Williams told the cops that Wallace wanted to resume dating but he gave her the Heisman. Wallace reportedly did not take the news too well.

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A police report obtained by TSG says that Wallace “grabbed Antonio’s penis with her right hand and began pulling on it which caused pain to Antonio.” The ex-boyfriend defended himself by grabbing Wallace’s forearms to prevent her from causing further pain.

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It is not clear what kind of clothes–if any–Williams was wearing for her to have such access to his man jewels.

Williams didn’t want to press charges, but the cops arrested Wallace on a misdemeanor battery charge anyway. She was booked into the Manatee County jail. Bail has yet to be set.

She’s scheduled for a May 21 court appearance.

Well, we guess Wallace’s chances of getting back her ex are nil. Then again, some brothas like it rough.