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Diane Cervelli (pictured right) and Taeko Bufford (pictured), a lesbian couple who claim they were denied a room at a Hawaii Bed and Breakfast because of their sexual orientation, have won their lawsuit against the lodging establishment, according to The Blaze.

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When Cervelli and Bufford were booking a room at the Aloha Bed And Breakfast in 2007, owner Phyllis Young inquired about their relationship status after Cervelli requested one bed.

After Cervelli confirmed she and Bufford were lovers, Young said she was uncomfortable with housing them because she is religious.

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In 2011, the couple filed a discrimination lawsuit against Aloha, stating the business violated Hawaii’s public accommodation law barring establishments from discriminating against any race, sex, gender orientation, gender identity, religion, ancestry, or disability.

During an investigation by the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, Young was quoted as saying that homosexuality is “detestable” and “defiles our land,” according to the Huffington Post.

Nevertheless, a Hawaii First Circuit Court judge sided with the couple Monday, ordering the lodge to stop discriminating against same-sex couples.

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