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Former NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson (pictured) was taken in to custody early Monday morning by Florida’s Broward County sheriffs for allegedly violating his probation order that stemmed from his domestic violence bust last year involving his former reality star wife, Evelyn Lozada, reports TMZ.

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A judge reportedly issued a warrant for Johnson’s arrest earlier this month, when Johnson failed to show up on two separate occasions to his probation appointments. The 35-year-old former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant also did not show proof to a judge that he enrolled in a court-mandated domestic violence education class.

Consequently, Johnson appeared before a Broward County judge on Monday to hear the charges being weighed against him. The judge deemed the probation violation charges valid, so Johnson was put behind bars.

Johnson is currently waiting for the set $1,000 bail to be paid.

The reported domestic violence charge was from a much-publicized physical altercation between Johnson and Lozada.  The couple had been arguing about a condom receipt that Lozada had stumbled upon in Johnson’s vehicle. The argument took a nasty turn and Johnson wound up head butting his then-wife, resulting in a forehead gash. Lozada was taken to the hospital and Johnson was taken in to custody.

The couple, who was only married 41 days, wound up divorced soon after, with Lozada spearheading the motion to end the union.  Johnson has certainly led a hard knock life since his failed marriage.  The young man, who once had a stellar NFL career, was fired from the Miami Dolphins, had primo endorsement deals cancelled, lost a lucrative reality show deal, became embroiled in child care support issues, and has suffered through immense money problems.

A hearing for Johnson is all set for June 3.

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