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On Monday, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson (pictured), who was put in the slammer one week ago to do a 30-day stint for butt-slapping his attorney, was released from prison. But unfortunately, Johnson is reportedly returning home to an empty bank account, according to TMZ.

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Since the former player is currently unemployed and has lost endorsement deals, plus a reality show, due to a domestic violence charge last year lodged against him by his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, making child support payments for his four children has been a herculean effort.

In recent court documents, Johnson claims to only make about $3,000 but allegedly has to pay out $16,525 in monthly child support payments. The 36-year-old former “Dancing With the Stars” favorite also has other monthly obligations, such as $9,063.24 in mortgage payments, $2,500 for food, $2,650 on car expenses, $3,500  on clothing, $250 for grooming, $5,000 on entertainment, $1,000 for pet expenses, plus other miscellaneous ‘necessities’ that total $31,154.76.

When you add all of Johnson’s “must-haves” together, the grand total comes to $45,982.76 per month.

But all is not totally lost for Johnson. He still has two homes, two cars, and a few bank accounts that bring his assets to about $4.7 million.

As for his jail stint, Johnson was ordered to serve 30-days in jail, after he slapped his lawyer’s backside in the courtroom.

The Associated Press reports:

A plea deal that called for no jail time fell apart Monday. Broward Judge Kathleen McHugh rejected it after Johnson playfully slapped his attorney on the behind in court. McHugh says Johnson wasn’t taking things seriously enough, even after he apologized. McHugh also extended Johnson’s probation for three months.

Even though Judge Kathleen McHugh has agreed to release Johnson from the stiff jail sentence she imposed, McHugh has extended Johnson’s probation by one month for violations that stem from his failure to meet with his probation officer twice and not showing the required proof of enrollment in a domestic violence education class for assault charges lodged by Lozada.

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