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Tawanna Iverson claims her former husband, Allen Iverson, has abducted their five children and is asking the court to force the ex-NBA star to give them back.

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TMZ reports that Tawanna just filed documents claiming that A.I. asked for permission to take their children on a short vacation to Charlotte, N.C., from May 22 to May 26. Tawanna reportedly agreed. But when the May 26 rolled around, A.I. allegedly did not bring the kids back. Tawanna claims she set up a meeting with A.I. on June 4 to pick up the kids, but he never showed up.

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These events have lead Tawanna to believe that Allen never took the children to Charlotte at all; she believes that he is keeping them at a Sheraton hotel in Georgia. Tawanna says this concerns her because she claims Allen’s an alcoholic who drinks around their children.

Not only does Tawanna want the court to force A.I. to return the kids; she wants him punished, too–even if that means tossing him in jail.

This is not the first time Tawanna has tried to get Allen put in jail. Just last week, she asked the court to jail him because she claims he has not paid $40,000 in child support.