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I know it’s not Oscar time but… I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. And let me make it clear from the door that I’m only talking about acting Oscars. Directing and anything else is for another day.

10) Beyonce Knowles-Dreamgirls, (2006).  

The Beyonce hate was so thick at the time that despite the fact that she’s the reason everyone came out to see the flick and she’s the reason it was great, everybody was happy to see somebody else get the Oscar.

9) Samuel L. Jackson-Pulp Fiction, (1994).

Brought Richard Roundtree’s 1971 “John Shaft” swagger into the ’90s.

8) Paula Kelly-Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling, (1986).

If Montgomery Clift could get an Oscar for his unsteady 12 minutes in Judgment at Nuremberg, than Paula Kelly certainly deserves it for the tear-jerking scene in Jo Jo Dancer.

7) Eddie Murphy-The Nutty Professor, (1996).

The New York Film Critics were the only ones to get this right. What better demonstrates acting talent than playing 6 different, distinct characters and playing them brilliantly?

6) Angela Bassett-Malcolm X, (1992).

The outstanding film didn’t find nor take root until Bassett’s “Betty Shabazz” provided it with what the real Betty Shabazz likely provided Malcolm.

5) Michael Wright-The Five Heartbeats, (1991).

Ya’ll don’t wanna give no Oscar to ol’ Eddie Kane?

4) Whoopi Goldberg-The Color Purple, (1985).

Whoopie got a “make-up” Oscar with Ghost, just like Sidney Poitier got a “make-up” Oscar with Lilies of the Field after having deserved one for A Raisin in the Sun.

3) Denzel Washington-Philadelphia, (1993).

Tom Hanks should be beaten outta Hollywood and have his Oscar snatched cause Denzel acted circles around him in this one and Hanks was the one to win the prize.

2) Regina King-Jerry Maguire, (1996).

Another case of the Oscar going to the wrong party as there was no way in hell Cuba Goodings Jr.’s “Rod Tidwell” deserved one in this flick over King’s “Marcee Tidwell”.

1) Larenz Tate-Menace II Society, (1993).

Tate’s “O-Dog” was a screen villain every bit as iconic and enduring as Scarface, Vito Corleone, or Darth Vader.