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Lisa Rodriguez has accused a Texas sheriff’s deputy of sexually assaulting her in front of her children, reports

Rodriguez, a resident of Houston’s Cloverleaf area in East Harris County, said the deputy came to her home to question her about harassing phone calls, but ended up raping her.

“He hurt me,” Rodriguez said. “He took something from me without even asking. That’s what hurt the most and my children were in the same house I was.”

Her brother, Bobby Rodriguez, continued the story after she was interrupted by investigators:

“He was like well, if you don’t go to jail what can you do for me,” Bobby Rodriguez was told. “That’s when they went upstairs and he told her it was best for them to talk in the room.”

Rodriguez said after the deputy raped her and left, Rodriguez called her brother and they reported what happened. “The Harris County Sheriff’s Office takes these allegations extremely serious,” said Captain Ken Melancon. “He’s actually been temporarily relieved of duty pending the outcome of this investigation.” A rape kit was done and the Harris County Internal Affairs Department and Special Victims Unit are investigating.

See KHOU report below:

As previously reported by NewsOne, this heinous act is, unfortunately, not an anomaly. In February 2012, a 19-year-old mother of two in Milwaukee called 911 after a brick was thrown through her bathroom window and someone began kicking her front door.

After distracting his partner, Police Officer Ladmarald Cates allegedly raped the woman.

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Even more recently, two police officers in Lauderhill, Florida found themselves on the other side of the law after being arrested for forcing women into sexual intercourse and groin-punching during a routing traffic stop on May 24, 2012.

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