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A 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged in June with aggravated rape for allegedly touching a 4-year-old boy inappropriately during a game of doctors and nurses back in April, according to The Inquisitr. Now the girl’s family is working with Quanell X, who is the leader of Houston’s Black Panther Party to get some answers from authorities and to delve further in to the case.

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The girl, whom the media has been referring to as “Ashley” and 9 years old at the time of the incident, had been playing with a few of her friends at a Houston housing complex last April, when she was reportedly witnessed by a neighbor, fondling a 4-year-old child. The unnamed neighbor immediately sought out the boy’s mother to inform her about what she had seen.

Authorities were called, but it took two months before the little girl would be placed in cuffs.

When officers came to Ashley’s complex to arrest her, she told My Fox Houston reporters, “I was at the track with my friend cuz I like running track with my friend and then my Mom called my friend and she told me that my Mom said I had to come home.” She continued, “I was crying and they took me to the car and I didn’t want to get in and I was crying and I was moving and trying not to get in the police car and my Mom told me to calm down.”

Upon her arrest, the fifth grader was taken by police to a juvenile detention center and held there for four days.

The youngster was also interrogated by sex crimes investigators about the incident, but her mother was not allowed to be present. According to Ashley’s mom, whose identity has been hidden as well, her child was questioned in a room by officers for a grueling 45 minutes, and when she emerged from the space, she was in tears.

The Mother reportedly told My Fox Houston reporters, “It’s a nightmare even having to go through something like this because that’s my baby, that’s my baby and just the thought of her going through something like this it hurts me.”

When Ashley spoke to the My Fox news crew about her mom’s visit when she was being held at the detention center, the little girl told reporters, “When my Mom came to see me, I said I wanted to go home and then she said I couldn’t go home and she was like I know you want to go home.”

Watch Ashley talk about her charges here:

Was Ashley’s encounter with the 4-year-old boy just child’s play, though?

Ashley’s mom contends that her child was innocently playing and did not know she was doing anything wrong.  Now the family, along with Quanell X are digging deep to get to the bottom of the accusations against Ashley who faces the serious aggravated rape charges.

For Quanell X, authorities have taken Ashley’s situation way too far, “It has now lead to a child that is 10 years old being charged with aggravated rape.”

The case is still under investigation and Ashley is expected to appear in court in October on the sexual assault charge.

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