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Months after her termination from a sports specialist position near Dallas, Carlita Kilpatrick (pictured left) is dealing with a newly released video showing investigators questioning her over several hundred dollars of cash in her office drawer, the Detroit News reports.

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The video, released on Sept. 16th, shows two investigators entering Kilpatrick’s office, asking her if they could check her desk; she agrees. While checking the drawer, they come across the money.

“What would this represent?” one of the investigators asks Kilpatrick.

Watch the video here:

“It is change from my overages,” she admits. The two investigators then spend the next few minutes counting exactly how much money is in the drawer. After they’ve finished, the main investigator asks her again to reconfirm.

“So you’re saying this represents overages that were not deposited when you had overages from normal business?” he inquires.

“Yes,” Kilpatrick replies. He then tells her than any extra surplus money for the company is to be reported and not kept secret. Though not a criminal offense, hiding the money goes against company policy.

“We’re going to have to report this to the city manager,” the investigator says.

Kilpatrick was fired from the position on July 10th. She’d been on an 180 day probation for failing to follow job requirements and didn’t show signs of improving. Her duties as a specialist at the Duncanville Fieldhouse, an athletic facility in Texas, included organizing sporting events and overseeing day to day operations.

She initially received the job after husband and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (pictured right) was convicted on 24 criminal charges, including racketeering, extortion and bribery.

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The disgraced official is facing 20-plus years in prison along with friend Bobby Ferguson. Both remain in federal prison awaiting sentencing.

Shortly after being fired, Kilpatrick also lost the lease on the family’s 5,000 sq ft home they rented for $2,600/month. The Grand Prairie property was quickly put back on the market after Carlita and her sons moved out.

While it isn’t known where they moved, the family’s church is helping them out, according to the Detroit Free Press.

According to a neighbor who lived next to the house, she never saw the family enter or maintain the property. They also left many of their belongings on the curb before leaving. “There was a lot of furniture. It was a lot of stuff there … the kind of stuff that you keep,”  Melinda Carter said.

Her name also came up during Kwame’s trial. A government witness testified that Kilpatrick received thousands of dollars in grants for a project she barely worked on. This reportedly angered state officials, who thought the money was going to assist impoverished people.

A spokesman for the family is urging people to respect their privacy.

“Let them move on,”  said Mike Paul. “For anyone who has a heart: Look, Kwame is in prison. Let this family have some peace.”