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In an exclusive interview with the National Association of Black Journalists Sports Taskforce — who, fortunately for us, includes Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist Marc J. Spears — LeBron James(notes) spoke candidly for the first time about getting dunked on at his Nike skills camp over the summer, the handshake snub hullabaloo following the Cavaliers loss in the Eastern Conference finals, Shaquille and more.

Here are some quotes straight from LeBron’s mouth to Spears’ notebook to your computer screen.

LeBron on “Dunkgate”:

“I never told anyone to confiscate any tapes. Nike has a no videotape policy at pick-up games. They’ve always done that. Now that LeBron is involved, it’s blown up. It’s a play that happens in basketball all the time. You can go on YouTube and see me being dunked on by a lot of guys. I like to call myself a shot blocker and [getting dunked on] tends to happen. Jordan Crawford is going to be a good basketball player.”


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