Jontay Porter was banned for life from the NBA for betting on at least one game in which he played, the professional basketball league announced.

It looks like Jontay Porter might have to explain his performance on the court. The NBA is investigating him over gambling activity connected to his play. The Score is reporting that the Toronto Raptors player is now at the center of a new probe being conducted by the National Basketball Association. According to ESPN the […]


While Kobe Bryant’s net worth grew immensely during his lifetime, one of his biggest financial successes came, sadly, after he passed away.  


Mainstream media is seemingly ignoring the active police investigation into NBA star Josh Giddey's alleged underage relationship with a minor.


For the first time in 20 years, the NBA began its season with no Black-owned franchises.


The new season tipped off with just one player who went to a historically Black college.


Kevin Porter Jr. allegedly beat his girlfriend.


"World champions of what?"

Hoops star Kevin Durant helped get marijuana off the league’s banned substance list.

Ice Cube’s success hasn’t stopped him from speaking his mind against what he calls “Gatekeepers” of the entertainment industry. 


Ja Morant shows how a "good guy with a gun" can never be Black.


Skyrocketing into an astronomically higher tax bracket overnight doesn’t mean NBA Draftees will easily transition into lives of prosperity.