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I guess the depth to which Geraldo Rivera can stick his foot down his mouth is limitless because he keeps lodging it deeper inside of his throat over and over again.

The talk show host took to his radio show Tuesday morning to criticize the myriad of issues emerging after the launch of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama‘s signature legislation to date. While there are a wide range of issues to take aim at regarding “Obamacare“– website malfunctions, miscommunication over benefits, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius‘ testimony this morning, to name a few–, it seems as though Rivera has to take personal jabs at the president that have nothing to do with policy.

Like this:

“I take absolutely no pleasure in reporting this because I’m rooting for this president to succeed even though he’s stuck-up and snobby and everything else,” Rivera said. “I want him to succeed because when he succeeds we all succeed.”

Stuck-up? Snobby, he says? What does that have to do with anything other than revealing his animus for a man he claims he wants to succeed? Rivera is the kind of person who enjoys taking on very complex topics without contributing any iota of intellectual depth, no matter the ideology.

Listen to Geraldo Rivera take shot at President Barack Obama:

Remember, this is the same man who said the jury who set George Zimmerman free would have shot Trayvon Martin:

“I see those six ladies in the jury putting themselves on that rainy night, in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. So, it’s a dark night. A 6-foot-2-inch, hoodie-wearing stranger is in the immediate housing complex. How would the ladies of the jury have reacted? I submit that if they were armed, that they would have shot and killed Trayvon Martin a lot sooner than George Zimmerman did. This is self defense.”

So, with two very hot-botton issues regarding two Black males predominately itched in the minds of the American public, his most memorable commentary describing them is “hoodie-wearing stranger,” “snobby” and “stuck-up.”

At some point, one has to wonder how far will this man continue to insert his foot inside of his month until he chocks on his words for good.

Indeed, Mr. Rivera, keeping on talking and tell us how you really feel.