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Jacoby Kindred, 61, pastor with Minnesota’s One Accord Ministries, is accused of raping the daughters of his son’s girlfriend beginning when they were only six- and eight- years old.

Kindred allegedly told at least one victim that “the devil was inside her and he could take the demons out of her.”

The victims are now 15- and 16-years-old. Kindred’s alleged crimes were discovered when the mother found a note written by her daughter detailing sexual acts with the pastor.

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The victims, now ages 16 and 14, told investigators that the sexual molestation took place during sleepovers at Kindred’s house, and involved fondling, oral stimulation and penetration. They said the defendant told them that the “devil was inside them” and that the sexual activity would remove the demons. The girls told detectives that the abuse occurred repeatedly for approximately nine years.

When police questioned Kindred he told them he was a minister for One Accord Ministries, a church without a building. He agreed that as the father of the boyfriend of the children’s mother, they would stay overnight at his home, but he denied the allegations of abuse. He claimed the girls’ mother made up the allegations because her new boyfriend doesn’t like him. Eventually he ended the interview, saying that police had no dna and that “you weren’t there, nobody was there.”

Kindred faces up to 30 years in jail on each rape count.