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Though many credit Raymond Kelly (pictured) with bringing N.Y.C.’s murder rates to historic lows, the New York Post has compiled a brief list of five cases the former NYPD commissioner left unsolved before leaving office.

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1. One of the cases features Michael Jones (pictured below), a youth soccer coach. An assailant brutally stabbed Jones to death in October 2012 near Union Square. His body was found with one ear hacked off. Officials quickly fingered Orlando Orea, a Mexican national, as the prime suspect. According to them, Orea may have mistook Jones for another person he previously confronted, but Orea has yet to be found.

“Last we heard he was somewhere in the countryside in Mexico,” a source told the Post.

2. In a Father’s Day 2006 case,  Chanel Petro-Nixon’s (pictured above) strangled body was found in a garbage bag near her Bedford-Stuyvesant home. The 16-year-old had left that day to apply for a summer position at Applebee’s. She never made it.

According to a source, the assailant is already behind bars on a rape charge but has not been charged.

“We know who did it,” the source said. He also revealed that the alleged attacker was a friend of Petro-Nixon. Her mother has thanked Kelly for his efforts in finding the person responsible. “I just hope this new commissioner will do the same — don’t give up until we find justice,” said Lucita.

3. Along with the murders of the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, Jam Master Jay’s (pictured above right) killing remains unsolved. One third of legendary rap group RUN-DMC, Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was shot in his Jamaica, Queens, studio in October 2002. One of two men who burst in to the studio fired the fatal shot. Sources have alleged the murder was related to a botched drug deal between Jay and Hollis, Queens, native Curtis Scoon.

Scoon refuted the claims in an interview with,but with five witnesses to the killing, the case remains one of the most puzzling in the city’s history.

4. Nearly two years after Jay’s murder, passersby discovered Sarah Fox’s (pictured) nude body in Inwood Park in May 2004. The performance arts student had set out on a jog six days before the discovery. Construction worker Dimitry Sheinman quickly became the prime  suspect in Fox’s killing. Residents told cops that Sheinman constantly argued with people while walking in the park. Recently, two other suspects have been identified; officials are waiting on DNA tests to see if any match clothing found near Fox’s body.

In an interesting turn of events, Sheinman told police that he’d commumicated with Fox from the grave and had her killer’s name sealed in an envelope.

5. Lastly, in December 2012, a hit man followed Brandon Woodard before shooting him in the back of the head on W. 58th Street. Though officers tracked the killer’s getaway rental car to Queens, identifying him and his driver, they’ve been stalled because the suspects and their friends refused to be interrogated.

A reported motive is that two shipments of cocaine Woodard was managing from Los Angeles failed to reach their destination.

In all, new Commissioner Bill Bratton will have to deal with almost 9,000 unsolved murders stemming from his predecessor.

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