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There were no cameras rolling when the star of the VH1’s hit reality show “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” Chrissy Lampkin (pictured) was reportedly arrested on Sunday and charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.  Lampkin allegedly got in to a bar fight with another female patron at a New Jersey bar, and their brawl turned into quite a bloody one, according to TMZ.

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Edgewater, N.J., police reportedly told TMZ that Lampkin, who also starred in the highly rated reality show “Love & Hip Hop” on VH1, became upset when the unidentified victim sat on the same couch she had been occupying and then accidentally bumped in to her.

The bump allegedly caused Lampkin to begin swinging much like she has done on her “Love & Hip Hop” reality show.  The 42-year-old, who appears to have a short fuse, reportedly wound up needing stitches in the area above her eyes. Lampkin is known for her theatrics on her reality shows and has never objected to handing out beat downs — or giving folks she has issues with a huge piece of her mind.

Police officials state that the fight between the women was a pretty bloody one.

Lampkin was reportedly bailed out by her fiancée and reality show co-star rapper Jim Jones (pictured above right), who is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law.  The couple got engaged in 2011 during a party, which was attended by the entire “Love & Hip Hop” cast.


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